From one edition to another, the FCKEF is growing. It welcomes more and more films from the Maghreb and Egypt. The number of participants is increasing and the number of films screened in the competition is on the rise. The programming of the section "Autres Regards" expands the influence of the festival. One of the particularities of the second edition is that participants and spectators who attended the first edition have strongly contributed to the next one and have integrated the organizing team by getting involved in the preparations and by ensuring the smooth unfolding of the FCKEF activities, a festival that asserts itself as young, independent and responsible.

The 2017 Programming



The jury of the 2017 edition





Kmar Ben DANA


Abdallah YAHIA



Actrice ممثلة


Actrice ممثلة

Ghanem ZRALI

Acteur ممثل

The 2017 Awards




films from Tunisia, 6 films from Egypt, 3 films from Algeria, and 1 film from Morocco.

The jury draws attention to the heterogeneity of the 2017 selection, which contains films whose aesthetic and technical maturity is disparate. Also and in order to be as fair as possible, we have chosen to exclude from the competition three films of merit:

« Le reste est l’oeuvre de l’homme » by Doria Achour.

« Talik » by Kaïs Zaïed 

« La laine sur le dos » by Lotfi Achour


The jury suggests that the next sessions distinguish sections in the competition.

In addition, the jury would like to point out some other remarks:

Regarding the special mentions, two films have caught the attention of the jury. Two special mentions are awarded to:


“Human” by Issam Tachit, for the original treatment of the question of difference

1999 de Haïthem Sakouhi

“1999” by Haïthem Sakouhi, for the cinematographic language used in a singular vision.

Finally, before proclaiming the prize list itself, the jury would like to point out two points:

1- The members of the jury were sensitive to the motivation and energy that emerge from the film “Nagra” by Saif Chida

Nagra Saif Chida

2- The jury would have liked the Festival of the short of Kef to value the various talents mobilized for the success of a film. As such, the jury would have liked to have the means to greet the performance of three actors:

  • Marouane Boudiab in “Entre les chambres”
  • Aymen Ben Hamida in “Rouge sur Blanc”
  • Mohamed Tahar Dridi in “Khalâa”
Entre les Chambres

Special Jury Prize: “Entre les chambres” by Marouane Boudiaf from Algeria

Rouge sur Blanc

Act Association Prize: “Red on White” by Raya Bouslah from Tunisia


First prize: “Khalaâ” by Maher Hasnaoui from Tunisia