Affiche 2018

For its third edition, the FCKEF opened up to the entire African continent: We received 320 short films of all genres: Fiction, documentary, animation, experimental… 52 films were chosen and divided according to each genre for the competition. This third edition took place from the 15th to the 22nd of September 2018.

The 2018 Programming



The 2018 Jury



Saoussen MAALEJ

Actrice ممثلة


Actrice ممثلة


Scripte سكريبت


Journaliste et Cinéphile صحفية وسينيفيل


Critique de cinéma ناقدة سنمائية

FCKEF 2018 Awards



For the originality of its subject, its impressive acting, its dual purpose and its social and cultural anchoring, the depth of its subject and its touching treatment, the Jury voted unanimously for the National Center for Cinema and Image award for “Tikitat Essoulina” by Ayoub Layoussifi – Morocco.



For the mastery of the documentary genre, and the technique, as well as the depth and the human and universal dimension of the subject, the jury voted unanimously for the Inlucc prize for ” Interdit d’aimer ” by Marwa Tiba – Tunisia.



For the consistency of its cinematographic language in its experimental genre and the intimate and sensory approach for which it has opted, the jury awarded the Association of Arts for Cinema and Theatre of Kef award to “Silence” by Cheherazade Krichene – Tunisia.

Special Mention: Actor: Ilyess Eljihani from Morocco for his freshness, his fair play, and the promise he represents in the film: “Mama Bobo” by Robin Audelfinger and Ibrahima Seydi – Senegal.

Special Mention of the Jury: Documentary: “La combattante” by Abbes Jlassi given the inequality and humility of its treatment, the jury would like to pay tribute to the protagonist of the film “Khalti Fatma Cheikh Ali”, for her life struggle, her perseverance, her dedication to work and the message of hope that she transmits.